Step 1: I start at the main page. I have no instances or other resources at first:


Step2: Create instance and choose my machine image

Step2a: Pick Your Instance Image


Step 2b: After Choosen instance image change keypair default to your New Key pair  and  download the keypair

Step 2c: choose system configuration, if you need to change zone then changed or else leave it and finally click create button for launch instance


Step 3: After Create instance


Step 4: Manage the instance by clicking on it:


Step5: instance has a public IP address that  can open in your browser. WordPress is already installed, configured, and running:

Step6: Run your public ip address in your browser

Step7: log into your WordPress blog dashboard and perform basic administrative tasks

Step8:To get the password, you’ll need to connect to your instance. Go back to Lightsail and choose Connect using SSH to connect to your WordPress instance.

Step9:Type the following:

 cat bitnami_application_password

You should see something like this:


Step10:Paste your password into the login page, and then choose Log In.

Step11: update your profile or password in the wordpress dashboard

Step12: need to create static ip choose Networking  tab in your instance manage page.


Step13: Connect using ssh via browser



Step14: Run your IP Address in website.If successful, you’ll see the WordPress